GGBA Business Toastmasters

GGBA Business Toastmasters

Ever feel that you lost business, not because you weren’t a good fit, but because your presentation wasn’t strong? Ever wish you could highlight your competitive advantages more skillfully? Negotiate more powerfully? Or close more quickly? No matter how exceptional your product, service, or idea –
if you can’t communicate with clarity and confidence, it won’t matter.GGBA Business Toastmasters will help you!Toastmaster International, the renowned public speaking organization, is respected for offering an environment for professionals to master public speaking by working through a proven curriculum. Recognizing Toastmasters’ value, the GGBA board is working with speech coach Richard Bannin to inaugurate its own club – limited to GGBA members, and focused on business communications.This new initiative offers practical communication skills training to excel in the real-life situations you face every day: with prospects, investors, customers, the media. GGBA Business Toastmasters will help take you “from Elevator Pitch to TEDTalk”!

Skills you’ll learn include:

  • Controlling nervousness
  • Opening and closing with impact
  • Eliminating “um’s” and “ah’s”
  • Creating effective visuals
  • Building your confidence with practice

You can tap the expertise of your fellow entrepreneurs to brainstorm solutions to problems you’ve faced in the past: to rehearse a critical upcoming presentation; to practice managing a sales meeting and skillfully fielding objections; and so on. The content and pace of your program are up to you.


WEDNESDAY JUNE 28, 2017  |  7:15 – 8:30 AM


Richard Bannin is an expert communicator, coach and trainer. Starting in the 1990s, he served as a sales engineer for high-tech companies, leading presentations generating over $75 million in software and services. The 90s also saw him begin coaching and training in presentation and communication skills. Clients include NY State Senator Tom Duane; San Francisco Airport General Manager John Martin; and executives at McKinsey, Lufthansa, Citigroup and Coca-Cola as a consultant with McAlinden Associates in New York City.

Richard is an alumnus of Columbia University and holds a degree in Theatre and Speech from the College of William & Mary. He has trained as an actor and speaker at HB Studios in New York and American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. Today he is principal of The Confident Speaker, a speech coaching and writing consultancy.

Golden Gate Business Association | 2017
Richard Bannin
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